About the Blogger

Guy Whitcroft is a sometimes irascible technology exec-cum-geek who’s been tinkering with computers for nearly four decades, having been there, done that and got a cupboard full of T-shirts as far as IT is concerned. With a background that encompasses technical, service, marketing and sales he’s spent the past two decades building and running successful technology businesses.

Working with all segments of the channel over the years he has a keen understanding of not only the technology industry and its drivers, but of business in general and the application of technology to business.

He now utilises his experience in tough international business environments to help companies overcome the challenges they face and to grow.

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2 responses to “About the Blogger

  1. Hi Guy–
    Loved the comment about the T-shirt collection! I found one the other day in the bottom of a drawer that made me laugh: Internet Boot Camp. Remember when people went to classes to figure out how to use the Internet for their business?!

    • The funny thing about those “cheap” giveaway T-shirts is that they last for ever! Useful for my gym in the morning…

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